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    • Teacher competence and performance in primary schools in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda 

      Poro,Sammy Godfrey; Yiga, Andrew Peter; Enon,Julius Caesar; Fabian, Mwosi; Marus, Eton (Nkumba University, 2019-01)
      This study brings to light the fact that the poor performance of pupils in primary schools is a pedagogical issue, which requires pedagogical approaches to improving teacher performance. The study sought to investigate the ...
    • Teacher-centred delivery approach in Uganda’s secondary school education and empowering learners with higher order skills 

      Kakongoro, D. B. Kabugo (Nkumba University, 2019)
      This chapter analyses the extent to which the teacher-centred delivery approach has influenced the quality of learning in private secondary school education in Uganda. Theories applied are: The Stimulus-Response (S-R) ...
    • Teaching history made easy with film 

      Ntalumbwa, Eric (Daily Monitor, 2019-10-14)
      Movies such as Ghost and Darkness, Shaka Zulu: The last Great Warrior, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Final Flames of the Uganda Martyrs, Uganda Martyrs Story have kept history fresh and memorable. It is time we used film ...
    • Teaching organic farming and gardening: Resources for instructors 

      Brown, Martha (Center for agroecology & Sustainable food systems, 2015)
      You have before you a document that is as unique and revolutionary as it is useful. It is unique, because it draws upon nearly five decades of actual teaching practice in organic methods of growing plants. Over 1,500 ...
    • Technical personality competence and job performance of part-time academic staff in private universities in Kampala Metropolitan 

      Ssemwanga, L. Sadat (International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research, 2020-02-14)
    • A textbook of financial cost and management accounting 

      Periasamy, Dr. P. (Himalaya publishing house, 2010)
      Accounting is the language of business. The main objectives of Accounting is to safeguard the interests of the business, its proprietors and others connected with the business transactions. This is done by providing suitable ...
    • The theoretical and practical considerations of community service in Uganda 

      Mwesigwa, David (Nkumba University, 201)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the theoretical and practical considerations surrounding community service in Uganda. The examination used document analysis approach in a bid to assess the community service approach ...
    • Theoretical sociology : A concise introduction to twelve sociological theories 

      Turner, H. Jonathan (Sage publications Inc., 2014)
      There is surprisingly little consensus among sociologist about what theory is and what it is supposed to do for sociological analysis. For some, theory represents the way that science explains the empirical world. For ...
    • Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy 

      Corey, Gerald (Brooks/Cole Cengage learning, 2013)
      This book is intended for counseling courses for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, counselor education, human services, and the mental health professions. It surveys the major concepts and practices of the ...
    • The theory and practice of change management 

      Hayes, John (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
      On many academic programmes, change management is positioned as the integrating course because it requires students to reflect on and synthesize the various perspectives on organizational functioning offered by other ...
    • The theory and practice of investment management : Asset allocation, valuation, portfolio construction, and strategies 

      Fabozzi, J. Frank; Markowitz, M. Harry (John wiley & sons, Inc., 2011)
      As I read this book for the first time, I was constantly reminded of the contrast between the investment world of today and what professional investing was like at the beginning of my career 50 years ago. The revolution in ...
    • Theory in social and cultural anthropology : an encyclopedia 

      McGee, R. Jon; Warms, Richard L. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2013)
      Social and cultural anthropology are concerned with understanding the cultures, societies, and behaviors of people around the world. Typically social or cultural anthropologists study the behavior, beliefs, history, and ...
    • Theory of computer science : Automata, languages and computation 

      Mishra, K.l.P. (Prentice 'Hall of India private ltd., 2008)
      The enlarged third edition of Thea/}' of Computer Science is the result of the enthusiastic reception given to earlier editions of this book and the feedback received from the students and teachers who used the second ...
    • The theory of corporate finance 

      Tirole, Jean (Princeton university press,, 2006)
      This introduction has a dual purpose: it explains the book’s approach and the organization of the chapters; and it points up some important topics that receive insufficient attention in the book (and provides an in exhaustive ...
    • Thermodynamics and energy conversion 

      Struchtrup, Henning (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2014)
      This textbook grew out of lecture notes for the thermodynamics courses offered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria. Writing my own notes forced me to thoroughly consider how, in my ...
    • Time management : Proven techniques for making every minute count 

      Walsh, Richard (F+W Publications, Inc., 2008)
      An exact-phrase search for “time management” yields nearly 7 million results on Google and more than 9 million hits on AltaVista search engines. A search for “time management” in Amazon books returns more than 65,000 ...
    • Time series analysis 

      Palma, Wilfredo (John wiley & sons, Inc., 2016)
      This book aims to provide an overview of time series analysis to a wide audience of students, practitioners, and scientists from different fields. It is intended as an introductory text on the vast time series subject. ...
    • Time series Analysis with applications in R 

      Cryer, D. Jonathan; Chan, Kung-Sik (Springer Science + Business Media, LLC, 2008)
      The theory and practice of time series analysis have developed rapidly since the appearance in 1970 of the seminal work of George E. P. Box and Gwilym M. Jenkins, Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control, now available ...
    • Time to think what next after A-Level 

      Murungi, Paul (Daily Monitor, 2019-03-25)
      The dust of examination results has settled. The excitement and disappointment slowly waned. It is time for students to get back to the drawing board and decide on the next course of their journey in academia.
    • Top MUBS students: Lessons from financial research challenge 

      Ninsiima, Charlotte (Daily Monitor, 2019-04-02)
      Makerere University Business School won the Chartered Financial Analyst challenge in Nairobi last month. The team of four winners share how the competition has helped them fine-tune their career choices, Charlotte Ninsiima writes.