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    • Civil procedure and litigation 

      Emery, J. S.; Edwards, L. L.; Edwards, J. S. (Thomson learning, 2000)
      This book is directed to paralegal students striving to understand the civil litigation process and the rules that guide that process. It is broad enough in scope and detailed enough in coverage to be used as either an ...
    • Principles of tort law 

      Harpwood, Vivienne (Cavendish publishing limited, 2000)
      Tort is a broad church and many hymns, ancient and modern, can be heard within it. It is an ideal subject for undergraduate study because it shows how the law develops and responds to changing social and economic conditions. ...
    • Sociology 

      Zgourides, D. George; Zgourides, S. Christie (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2000)
      Sociology is the scientific study of human groups and social behavior. Sociologists focus primarily on human interactions, including how social relationships influence people’s attitudes and how societies form and change. ...
    • Introduction to counselling and psychotherapy 

      Palmer, Stephen (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2000)
    • Human resource management : Theory and practice 

      Bratton, John; Gold, Jeffrey (Macmillan press ltd, 2000)
      The field of human resource management is one of the most dynamic and challenging areas for European managers. The turbulent business climate, caused by increased global price competitiveness, changing technologies, changing ...
    • International relations, political theory and the problem of order : Beyond international relations theory? 

      Rengger, N.J. (Routledge, 2000)
      By temperament and training, I am a political theorist, and as a member of this rather endangered company in the modern academy, I have long agreed with Judith Shklar, surely among the most influential political theorists ...
    • Farm animal metabolism and nutrition 

      D’Mello, J.P.F. (CABI Publishing, 2000)
      There is, once more, a need for an advanced textbook in animal biochemistry and nutrition that covers the specialist requirements of final year undergraduates and new postgraduate students. The existing books have long ...
    • Introduction to operations research 

      Hillier, F. S.; Lieberman, G. J. (McGraw hill Companies, Inc., 2001)
      It now is 33 years since the first edition of this book was published in 1967. We have been humbled by having had both the privilege and the responsibility of introducing so many students around the world to our field over ...
    • Introduction to behavioral research methods 

      Leary, M. R. (Pearson education company, 2001)
      Regardless of how good a particular class is, the students' enthusiasm for the course material is rarely, if ever, as great as the professor's. No matter how interesting the material, how motivated the students, or how ...
    • Qualitative research methods for the social sciences 

      Berg, B. L. (Pearson education company, 2001)
      In this, thefourth edition of Qualitative ResearchA1ethodsjor the Social Sciences, my goal remains identical to that of previous editions: to offer a handbook for anyone interested in but un:fumiliar with qualitative ...
    • Neurological, psychiatric, and developmental disorders : Meeting the Challenge in the developing World 

      Institute of medicine (National Academy Press, 2001)
      The continuing existence of gross disparities in health between affluent and poorer countries is becoming a major challenge for policy makers in the new millennium. While the link between poverty and disease is well ...
    • Human chromosomes 

      Miller, J. Orlando; Therman, Eeva (Springer Science+Business Media New York, 2001)
      This book presents a comprehensive introduction to the principles of human cytogenetics and provides examples of their applications, especially those that are important in diagnostic and preventive medicine.The authors ...
    • The globalization of world politics: An introduction to international relations 

      Baylis, John; Smith, Steve (Oxford University Press, Inc., 2001)
    • The appropriate use of the lecture method in higher education 

      Mande, Wilson Muyinda(Prof) (Nkumba University, 2001-10)
      The fact that the lecture method has been used for so much and criticised for so much, nobody can doubt it role in higher education. Thomas Carlyle charged that," too much faith is commonly placed in oral lessons and ...
    • The modern law of contract 

      Stone, Richard (Cavendish publishing limited, 2002)
      My aim in writing this book has been to produce a comprehensive, but readable, account of what I have termed ‘the modern law of contract’. By this I mean the law of contract as applied by the English courts at the beginning ...
    • 201 great Ideas for your small business 

      Applegate, Jane (Bloomberg press, 2002)
      There, you might wonder how I narrowed it down to 201 and what criteria I used to decide whether or not the idea was just average or really great.
    • Psychology : A Self-Teaching Guide 

      Bruno, J. Frank (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2002)
      To help you learn psychology on your own, Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide employs the following distinctive features: • Each chapter begins with a five-question true-or-false preview quiz ; answers can be found near the ...
    • Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English 

      Oxford university press (Oxford university press, 2002)
    • Basic candle making: All the skills and tools you need to get started 

      Ebeling, Eric (Stock pole books, 2002)
      For the beginner, the two most important ingredients needed for candle making can't be found in any craft store. They are time and patience, and properly used, they will serve you well.
    • Business communication 

      Hartley, Peter; Bruckmann, C. G. (Routledge, 2002)
      People in organizations spend a lot of time communicating. For example, research studies regularly find that managers spend over 60 per cent of their time in meetings (Hargie et al. 1999, p. 1). In some cases they spend ...