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  • The Oxford handbook of criminology 

    Maguire, Mike; Morgan, Rod; Reiner, Robert (Oxford university press, 2012)
    Th e first edition of Th e Oxford Handbook of Criminology was published in 1994. It was launched just as criminology was beginning to expand as a graduate subject in Britain. Th is was of course one of our reasons for ...
  • The joy of living : Unlocking the secret and science of happiness 

    Rinpoche, Y. Mingyur; Swanson, Eric (Harmony Books, 2007)
    ---·-----1~LROJlUCIJD_N_ _____ _ THIS BOOK BEGAN life as a relatively simple assignment of splicing together transcripts ofYongey Mingyur Rinpoche's early public lectures at Buddhist centers around the world and editing ...
  • The handbook of criminological theory 

    Piquero, R. Alex (John wiley & sons, Inc., 2016)
    The word “theory” means different things to different contemporary criminologists, depending on their philosophies about the nature of criminology, what it is attempting to accomplish, and how they think criminology ought ...
  • Encyclopedia of criminology and criminal justice 

    Bruinsma, Gerben; Weisburd, David (Springer Science + Business Media New York, 2014)
    When we began our effort to outline and organize the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice with our distinguished Associate Editors, we set before ourselves a major task that would be different from that of most ...
  • The international minimum standard and fair and equitable treatment 

    Paparinskis, Martins (Oxford university press, 2013)
    Investor-State arbitration makes an important contribution to increasing international investment flows by, inter alia, mitigating political risk for investors. This mixed international arbitration in turn relies on the ...
  • The oxford handbook of international human rights law 

    Shelton, Dinah (Oxford university press, 2013)
  • How to win every argument : The use and abuse of logic 

    Pirie, Madsen (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2006)
    Sound reasoning is the basis of winning at argument. Logical fallacies undermine arguments. They are a source of enduring fascination, and have been studied for at least two-and-a-half millennia. Knowledge of them is useful, ...
  • The Limits of International Law 

    Goldsmith, L. Jack; Posner, A. Eric (Oxford University Press, Inc., 2005)
    International law has long been burdened with the charge that it is not really law. This misleading claim is premised on some undeniable but misunderstood facts about international law: that it lacks a centralized or ...
  • Living in the light : A guide to personal and planetary transformation 

    Gawain, Shakti (Nataraj Publishing, 1998)
  • An introduction to international human rights law 

    Chowdhury, A. Rahman; Bhuiyan, J. Hossain (Koninklijke Brill NV, 2010)
    The overwhelming dimension of human rights in the present global concept demands an elaborate and thorough exposition of the subject. It is undeniably a fact that most of the publications on human rights law are confined ...
  • The prevention of gross human rights violations under international human rights law 

    Have, Nienke van der (T.M.C. Asser Press, 2018)
    There is a great deal of attention for concepts such as conflict prevention and the responsibility to protect, which aim to prevent gross human rights violations. Despite this shift in attention towards prevention, it has ...
  • Patents, copyrights and trademarks for dummies' 

    Charmasson, Henri; Buchaca, John (Wiley publishing, Inc, 2008)
    In this book we explain, in layman’s terms, the basic nature, function, and applications of intellectual property (IP) rights, including how you can acquire and wield them effectively against your competitors, or exploit ...
  • The Queen’s bench guide : A guide to the working practices of the Queen’s bench division within the royal courts of justice 

    The Queen’s bench guide (Queen’s bench division, 2018)
    A year ago, when I provided the foreword for the fifth edition of this guide, I noted the great pace of change in the justice system. Previous editions had been spaced seven years apart. The fourth edition came two years ...
  • Tort law 

    Elliott, Catherine; Quinn, Frances (Pearson education limited, 2009)
    If there is one thing you can count on when studying tort law, it is that things do not stand still for long. During the two years since the last edition, a number of key cases have been decided, and are featured here, ...
  • Encyclopedia of women and Islamic cultures 

    Joseph, Suad (Koninklijke Brill NV, 2005)
    With Volume II, EWIC launches the first of four volumes dedicated to substantive topics of relevance to women and Islamic cultures globally. These four volumes, Volumes II–V (Volume VI is the cumulative index), are unusual ...
  • Case book on environmental law 

    Kakuru, Kenneth; Ssekyana, Irene (Environmental law institute, 2009-02)
    Environmental law litigation has become an essential tool for the management and enforcement of laws governing the environment and natural resources. It is founded on the principles of public participation, Public Trust ...
  • Principles of intellectual property law 

    Colston, Catherine (Cavendish publishing limited, 1999)
    Intellectual property law is fascinating. We are all familiar with, and are users of, intellectual property. In addition, the subject matter of intellectual property – the application of an idea in making or selling products ...
  • Intellectual property: The law of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets 

    Bouchoux, D. E. (Delmar cengage learning, 2013)
    The field of intellectual property (typically referred to as IP) is one that continues its rapid growth. Just a few years ago, individuals who identified themselves as practitioners in the field of intellectual property ...
  • Complete criminal law : Text, cases, and materials 

    Loveless, Janet (Oxford university press, 2012)
    I am very pleased to present the third edition of Complete Criminal Law. This book contains full coverage of new developments which were due to emerge after publication of the last edition two years ago, namely, the changes ...
  • Intellectual property law : Copyright, patents, trade-marks 

    Vaver, David (Irwin law, 1997)
    Intellectual property suddenly is hot. Comedians joke about it. The mainstream press features it. We read of some rock star's "patented" lifestyle, of someone "copyrighting" an idea, of a hockey player's "trademark" slapshot, ...

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